Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back and Forth!

It's nice to have several online selling venues. I'm doing a little house cleaning and am in the process of moving some pieces back to my Good Dirt Jewelry Etsy shop. Several of my international customers have been inquiring about buying some of the Celtic, Norse and Druid jewelry that had been listed in my shop and since Amazon is the only payment system allowed there (and not available to international buyers) I thought I would move them back to Etsy. Wow, that was one long sentence! LOL All apologies to my past English instructors :)

You can now find my Druid's Eggs and Celtic Oghams in my Etsy shop, with more pieces to come in the future :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I've made a couple of rings.....

....or 20!

Contrary to the popular belief that all I do is lay around eating bonbons and reading "True Confessions" all day, I've been busy :) I seem to go through periods of complete burnout, especially when I have an upcoming show, and then have a million ideas present themselves with only a few weeks left to create. In any case, I had to get it in gear to prepare for our show in Yachats which is only weeks away.

These rings are a new item for our 2009 show season, so if you happen to be in Yachats, Oregon May 24-25 be sure to check out the
Crafts on the Coast show!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spotlight on ArtsyBeat Blog!

Spotlight on ArtsyBeat Blog!

I love finding nice things in my inbox! Today, I was contacted by the editor of the ArtsyBeat blog to let me know my "Dreams of Peace in Tibet" necklace had been featured in an article about "Charming Handcrafted Ceramic Jewelry".

This wonderful blog features artists of all mediums and has a lot of helpful information for artists such as tips for promoting and marketing your work.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Belated Birthday Present to Me!

I just bought myself a beautiful belated birthday present and I wanted to share! The fabulously unique wristlet pictured above was made by 1000markets artist "Cork and Cotton". Yes, the material the wristlet is made from is CORK! How cool is that?

Below, she describes this beautiful purse:
"Four different cork fabrics are used. Harmony for the main part and strap, and strips of Monaco, Dark Utopia and Casablanca for the front design. The interior cotton fabric is a Joel Dewberry's. A rust colored background with brown and cream pod flowers. Each cork seam is top stitched. A dark brown zipper keeps contents secure."

If you'd like to learn more about how cork fabric is made, click here to visit her blog!