Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ceramic Burmese Deity with Leather Bolo Necklace

This stunning Burmese deity ceramic pendant was created from a mold I made from an antique lead amulet from Burma. The earthenware clay pendant which measures about 2 inches in length, has been glazed with an earthy rust colored glaze. The 36 inch long dark brown bolo cord is leather and I have adorned it with copper wire and wooden beads. More photos of this piece can be found at the Etsy shop listing.

**Who is this deity?**

At first, I thought perhaps he was Mahakala, the protector of monasteries, since there are skulls beneath his feet, but Mahakala is always depicted with a fierce, tooth baring grimace. All of the images I found of the Buddha holding a sword, have the sword of justice held high in his right hand, not at his side. Another thing that is interesting about this amulet, is that the deity appears to be cradling a infant in the left arm leading me to speculate that this may be a female Buddha. I was contacted recently by a blog reader who thought that this may in fact be a Hindu deity, so the mystery continues!

When I received this spectacular amulet, it had a wonderful patina on it which has now been removed thanks to the mold making process I use. I apologize in advance to all of the antique amulet collectors for doing this, but it had to be done for the sake of art :)

Shipping is FREE for this item and a gift box is included!