Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Druid's Eggs on Etsy!

Are you having a feeling of deja vu? :) I've decided to move these two pendants over to my Good Dirt Jewelry Etsy shop from Zibbet.

Dave carved the original egg for me, then made a mold that I use with earthenware clay. These two Druid's Eggs have been glazed with earthy green glazes--one is a paler color and the other a very organic mixture of greens and browns. These pendants will arrive in a gift box and shipping is FREE, and did I mention they are only $19!

*What Are Druid's Eggs?*

The Druid's Egg (also “glain,” “serpent's egg,” or “snake stone”) was a talismanic object sacred to the Druids. Tales about it resemble those of the Philosopher's Stone sought by the alchemists. Its myths may also be related to those of the Omphalos, a meteoritic stone which was kept at Delphi and was thought to be the egg of the serpent-monster Python. In legends, the Druid’s Egg is credited with endowing its possessor with the ability to obtain almost all he might desire. The Druid's Egg was also believed to create a favorable outcome in courts of law, so much that the Romans outlawed carrying one into any courtroom. If you'd like to learn more about the legend behind the Druid's Egg, please visit the listing for these items on Etsy.