Friday, January 30, 2009

Check Your Phone Bill for Fradulent Charges!

Here we go again!!!

We've been slammed yet again by a fraudulent telecommunications company through Qwest. this time, it is from "ESBI ETS" who charged our telephone bill $14.95 for a residential email service we do not use (Last time, it was "Orbit Telecom" that tried to charge the same amount for an voice mail service we do not use).   The last time Qwest allowed this to happen, we spent nearly two hours on the phone trying to get this remedied.  At the time, we were allowing Qwest to auto-debit our bank account, which we immediately stopped.  Since this is the third time we have had this happen, we can only come to the conclusion that this deceptive practice is accepted by Qwest. 

After doing a Google search for this company, I found that many other people are experiencing the same thing on their phone bills. I also found a great link where you can report these types of fraudulent companies online via the FCC.

Double check your latest phone bill and look for a charge from "Orbit Telecom" or "ESBI ETS"!  Ours was listed under "Enhanced Telecommunications Services".

Oh, and if the Qwest corporate office happens to have a Google alert set for any online occurances of it's name being mentioned and is reading this, here's a little heads-up for you--We are reporting you to the FCC.....again!  We expect a higher level of professionalism from our utility providers than this!

Use this link to reach the online complaint form for the FCC: