Monday, February 23, 2009

Celtic Ceramic Coat of Arms Ring

Celtic Ceramic Coat of Arms Ring

I've been on a bit of an antique* button buying kick lately, and this unique ceramic ring is a result!

I made the mold for this ring using an antique coat of arms button that features a Victoria's crown, rampant horse on the dexter (right) side, and an uncrowned rampant lion on the sinister (left) side. I believe this antique button must have been fashioned after a Victorian military button which has basically the same elements, with the exception being a rampant unicorn instead of a rampant horse, and the rampant lion wears a crown.

The glaze on this piece is an earthy golden color and the ring itself is adjustable.

There are only two of these rings available--one is in my Etsy shop and the other is in my shop. Both have FREE shipping and are priced at $15!

*No antique buttons were harmed in the mold making process* :)