Monday, April 27, 2009

Norse Eihwaz Protection and Enlightenment Ceramic Pendant

I was recently contacted by one of my international customers asking if I would be putting any more Norse rune jewelry on Etsy. I had moved all of my Norse jewelry over to my shop, but since they only use Amazon payments, my international customers weren't able to shop there. Hopefully one day will allow international buyers, but until then, all of my Norse Rune jewelry will be found in my Etsy shop :)

I created this Eihwaz rune ceramic pendant from earthenware clay. It has been glazed with a rich blue glaze. No two pieces come out of the kiln the same! This 1" diameter pendant hangs from an 18 inch ball chain, which can be easily removed if you have a favorite chain you prefer to use. A gift box is included with your purchase.

The Eihwaz rune symbolizes protection, strength, reliability and enlightenment.
Whether you are a practicing Druid, or just love the art of ancient traditions, this pendant would be a unique addition to your collection.