Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Great Discoveries

I don't usually use my blog to promote techie "stuff" but I thought I would share a couple of interesting new sites.  Most of my other blog sharing sites have closed, so I went in search for a new blog sharing site and I found Scoutle.

What is Scoutle.com? Scoutle is an automated social network for bloggers and functions as an ideal Guide for internet users to find a valuable blog, no matter the language, subject or location.

Scoutle helps you find, promote and connect blogs using an automated rating and matching system. Not only find a blog easily, but also know what a blog is worth and discover similar blogs.       

The other neat site I found was Qurify.com which is a 
site that generates QR codes.  QR Codes are 2 dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned using any modern mobile phone. This code will then be converted (called "dequrified") into a piece of (interactive) text and/or link. For instance, you walk around in the city and notice a poster for an event that seems interesting. You take out your mobile phone, scan the QR Code and will instantly get more information and a link to a website where you can book your tickets. You don't have to type or remember anything and because QR Codes can be very small, this saves a lot of space on the product as well.  Now I just need to figure out how to use these to market our art!